Tag: defineObjects

The wcf:defineObjects tag defines the renderContext and businessContext objects in a JSP page. The renderContext object maps render context name and values to single value render context string values. The businessContext object maps business context data names to the current value for the names.

Tag information

Tag information Value
Body Content empty
Display Name Define objects


No attributes are defined for the wcf:defineObjects tag.



Variable Type Declare Scope Description
renderContext java.util.Map true NESTED Render context map. The render context is a Map of name-value pairs that are stored with the session and are used to render the page.
businessContext java.util.Map true NESTED Business context map. The business context is a Map of name-value pairs that are used when WebSphere Commerce services are invoked.


When you want to use this tag, you must include the tag in the following format:
This format is the only way that the wcf:defineObjects tag can be used. The tag adds the businessContext and renderContext variables to the page.