Tag: metadata

The wcf:metadata tag retrieves metadata information that can be returned in response to a Get BOD request that is used for authoring. For example, workspaces in Management Center.

Tag information

Tag information
Body Content empty
Display Name Metadata



Attribute Required Request-time Type Description
showVerb true true com.ibm.commerce.oagis9.datatypes.ShowType The Show verb that contains the metadata information in the ResponseCriteria element.
businessObject true true java.lang.Object The business object for which the metadata. This object can be a noun, or part of a noun.
usage true true java.lang.String The type of metadata that is being retrieved. Currently, the only supported usage is changeControl.
var true false java.lang.String The name of the exported java.util.HashMap variable that is assigned all of the metadata properties that correspond to the specified usage and business object.


No variables are defined for the wcf:metadata tag.


The following example uses the wcf:metadata tag within a JSP fragment. The changeControl metadata properties for a particular catalog object are retrieved and stored in the propertyMap variable. Then, if the modifiable property is available, its value is used for further processing:
<wcf:metadata	 showVerb="${show}" 

<c:if test="${!empty propertyMap.modifiable}">
This code produces an output similar to the following example:
<metadata usage="changeControl">