Updating the deployment manager (DMGR) configuration in a cloned environment

If you are running a federated environment, update the deployment manager (DMGR) host name.


  1. Stop the WebSphere Application Server deployment manager profile (DMGR), node agents, and WebSphere Commerce servers for all virtual machine images.
    1. Open a command prompt.
    2. Go to the WC_profiledir/bin directory
    3. Stop the servers:
  2. Change the host name for DMGR:
    For example:Linux
    ./ -c "$AdminTask changeHostName {-nodeName myDmgr -hostName hostname}"
          -conntype NONE 
    • myDmgr is the node name for the DMGR profile
    • hostname is a new host name
  3. Start the deployment manager profile.
  4. Optional: Change the DMGR node name:
    1. Go to the dmgr_profiledir/bin directory.
    2. Run a command to change the node name.
      For example:
      ./ -c "$AdminTask renameNode {-nodeName myDmgr -newNodeName newDmgr}"
    3. Update the setupCmdLine script to set the WAS_NODE value to your new node name.
      For example:
      Note: The script is in the dmgr_profiledir/bin/ directory.