WebSphere Commerce Enterprise

Selecting a user role outside of the user's organization

You can select a role for a user that is different from the user's organization.


  1. Ensure that you have the following information:
    • The member ID of the user for which you are assigning the role, as defined in the USER_ID column of the USERS table.
    • The role ID for the role to which you want to assign the user, as defined in the ROLE_ID column of the ROLE table.
    • The organizational entity ID that represents the organization or organizational unit for which the user will play the role, as defined in the ORGENTITY_ID column of the ORGENTITY table.
      Note: You must first ensure that the organization has the role you want to use associated to it. You can do this by performing the following steps:
      1. Search for your organization.
      2. On the Organizations page, select the check box next to your organization and click Roles to view or change the roles associated with the organization.
  2. Run the following SQL statement:
    member ID,
    role ID, 
    organizational entity ID) 

    where member ID, role ID, and organizational entity ID are the values you obtained in step 1.