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Specifying multiple analytics providers in store page analytics tags

After you update the <biproviders> element in your biConfig.xml configuration file, you must specify the analytics provider in your store page analytics tags. This distinguishes those tags from your default analytics provider tags that are indicated in your biConfig.xml configuration file.

About this task

You can complete this task at the same time that you are adding analytics tags to your store JSP pages, or after the tags are already in place.


  1. Navigate to the directory that contains your store JSP files. Typically, the JSP files are stored in the WC_eardir/Stores.war/storedir directory.
  2. Find the analytics tags in the file. The body tags are typically above the </body> tag in the JSP file.
  3. Add a biprovider parameter to each analytics tag. This parameter identifies the analytics provider to which each tag sends data.
    For example, biprovider="coremetrics".
    Note: If you defined a default analytics provider in your biConfig.xml configuration file, the biprovider parameter is not mandatory for any analytics tags that belong to the default analytics provider. If you do not add a biprovider parameter to an analytics tag, the default provider is applied.
  4. Repeat these steps for each additional store JSP file that contains analytics tags.


If you have multiple analytics providers, the following sample shows what the analytics tags in your store page might look like.
	<cm:output section="header" biprovider="coremetrics"/>  
	<cm:product databean="${product}" extraparms="null, ${cookie.analyticsFacetAttributes.value}" biprovider="coremetrics"/> 
	<cm:pageview biprovider="coremetrics"/>  
	<cm:output section="footer" biprovider="coremetrics"/>  

	<mytld:output section="header" biprovider="additionalprovider"/>  
	<mytld:product databean="${product}" extraparms="null, ${cookie.analyticsFacetAttributes.value}" biprovider="additionalprovider"/>  
	<mytld:pageview biprovider="additionalprovider"/>  
	<mytld:output section="footer" biprovider="additionalprovider"/> 
  1. In line 1, the store page analytics tags indicates coremetrics as a biprovider. Coremetrics is the first analytics provider that is defined in the biprovider tag in the biConfig.xml configuration file.
  2. In line 2, the store page analytics tags also indicates additionalprovider as the biprovider. Additionalprovider is the second analytics provider that is defined in the biprovider tag in the biConfig.xml configuration file.

Because there are two biproviders that are specified for this store page, the default provider is overridden and both the analytics providers that are specified in the biprovider tags take precedence over the default provider.

Note: The biprovider="coremetrics" parameter is not mandatory if IBM Digital Analytics ("coremetrics") is specified as the default analytics provider in biConfig.xml configuration file.

The mytld in line 2 represents the prefix for an additional analytics provider. You must use the prefix that is defined in your JSP page for your own additional analytics provider