Upgrading the WebUI

Upgrading from Version 9.5.7

  1. Copy the BigFix WebUI installer (default location is %PROGRAM FILES%\BigFix Enterprise\BES Installers\WebUI) to the client computer that is running the BigFix WebUI.
  2. Stop the WebUI Service.
  3. Run the installer on the computer that is running the WebUI. The installer detects the WebUI and offers to upgrade it for you.
  4. Follow the installer instructions to upgrade the BigFix WebUI.
  5. Start the WebUI Service.

Upgrading from Version 9.5.5 or 9.5.6

  1. First upgrade your BigFix WebUI installation to 9.5 Version Patch 7 level by running from the BigFix Console the Fixlet named: Updated WebUI Service - BigFix version 9.5.7 Now Available!
  2. Follow the procedure described in Upgrading from Version 9.5.7.