BigFix client backward compatibility

To correctly display reports of clients deployed with different code pages and languages you must have ALL the components (server, relays, clients) at version 9.5.

Before upgrading the BigFix server to V9.5, ensure that it is at V9.2.3 or later. Complete the upgrade in the following order:
  1. The server
  2. The relays. If relays are configured in a hierarchy, upgrade the top-level relays before the lower-level relays.
  3. The clients
If you have a BigFix client with an earlier version than V9.5, consider the following:
  • You might encounter issues when upgrading a client that has settings whose name or value contain non-ASCII characters. If custom settings with these values exist, check that they have not been altered after upgrading to V9.5.
  • BigFix clients V9.2.6 or later are supported without any additional configuration.
  • Immediately after receiving the updated masthead, restart the BESClient process on BigFix clients V9.2.0 through V9.2.5 to activate the new masthead parameters. Use the tasks available under BES Support to restart the clients. To find these tasks, filter for "Troubleshooting: Restart BES client" from the Fixlets and Tasks list on the BigFix Console.
  • BigFix clients V9.1 must have the same code page settings as the BigFix server in the _BESClient_DeploymentEncoding_IANAName setting.
  • BigFix clients and relays versions earlier than 9.1 are not supported.
  • After upgrading BigFix to V9.5, the filldb process on clients might fail if the filldb buffer directory contains reports that use an unexpected report encoding value, for example ReportEncoding: hp-roman8. If so, clean up the filldb buffer directory containing the reports and then restart filldb.