Evaluation installation

When you run the evaluation installation you do not need to buy any license files from HCL and you install BigFix as a Try and Buy product.

This product has the following characteristics:
  • A license expiration of 30 days
  • A license allocation of 1000 clients
  • A predefined set of allowed sites. You can enable the desired sites after completing the evaluation installation.

When you install BigFix in evaluation mode, the installation wizard collects the information required to request an evaluation BigFix license to HCL, and creates an evaluation masthead that entitles your organization to use BigFix. You must specify the correct data which is needed if you want to convert your server evaluation license into a production license.

You must generate the license on a machine with network connectivity and then use this evaluation license to perform a production installation flow. If you are generating an evaluation license for a server that is located in an airgapped environment, stop the current installation and copy the generated license.crt and license.pvk files from the local machine to the isolated server. Restart the installation on that server by choosing type "Production" and selecting the files you copied previously.

After an Evaluation installation, a user named EvaluationUser is created to log on both the BigFix console and BigFix Web Reports.

If you need an evaluation time wider than 30 days, contact the sales support to arrange a limited production license or you can convert the evaluation installation to a production installation. For additional information see Moving from evaluation installation to production installation.

Note: The evaluation installation does not support the enhanced security option. For more information about this feature, see Security Configuration Scenarios.
Note: If you removed Microsoft SQL Server from the system where you plan to install BigFix, ensure that all the Microsoft SQL components are correctly deleted before running the installation.