Mac Clients

You can optionally use the clientsettings.cfg file to create custom settings on a Mac Client, for example to assign the new Client to a specific parent relay.

The clientsettings.cfg file must be available in the same directory as the PKG file and the actionsite.afxm file.

To set a relay, create a file named clientsettings.cfg in the BigFix Client installation folder with one of the following contents:
  • The file can contain one line like the following:
    which is automatically expanded out to define concurrently the following two settings on the Client:
  • You can directly define the two settings, optionally with other additional settings, such as a secondary relay, for example:
The agent installer is launched via the Terminal program as a privileged user by running the following command:
{sudo} /Library/BESAgent/
The sudo command is not strictly needed but, authenticating as a Super User, you can perform the installation with no problems. This script has a few options that are listed if you run it without options.
  • The QnA executable is also included in the client installation package. On Macintosh clients, to use it you must launch the Terminal program and run:
    {sudo} /Library/BESAgent/
    The sudo command is optional but some inspectors run only if you are Super User (root).
  • The agent uninstaller is available in the .pkg install. It is located in: /Library/BESAgent/
  • The agent .dmg package is no longer available.
  • If you want to use the Client Compliance API on the Mac OSX system, you must request the client compliance library to the HCL Support team.