Setting up a relay

To set up a relay, you must designate a Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or Solaris computer that is running a client to act as the relay.

The BigFix clients on your network detect the new relays and automatically connect to them. To configure a client computer as a relay, run the following steps:

  1. Log in to the BigFix console.
  2. Open the Fixlets and Tasks icon in the Domain Panel and click Tasks Only.
  3. Double-click the task labeled Install BigFix relay (it might include a version number after it). This task is relevant when there is at least one client that meets the requirements for the relay.
  4. Choose your deployment option by selecting one of the actions in the task. You can target single or multiple computers with this action.

After the relays have been created, Clients can be made to automatically discover and connect to them, always seeking the Relay that is the fewest hops away.