Viewing the deployment results in the dashboard

How to view the details of your BigFix client deployments.


Before viewing the deployment results in the dashboard, ensure that you locate and activate globally the following analyses:

Table 1. Analyses to activate globally
ID Name
204 BES Component Versions
2814 Collect BES Client Deploy Tool Reports

Moreover, ensure that the clients and server/console clocks are synchronized to make the dashboard work properly.

From the BigFix console, click Dashboards > BES Support > Client Deploy Tool Dashboard.

The Client Deploy Tool Dashboard shows you the details of your BigFix client deployments.

The Dashboard displays the following information about the client deployments:
  • The host name or IP address of the target computer on which you deployed the client.
  • The operating system installed on the target computer.
  • The deployment point used.
  • The deployment status.
  • In case of a failed deployment, the installation error message.
  • The date and time on which the deployment occurred.
Note: By clicking the small magnifying glass icons in the table header, you display a search box, useful to easily locate specific devices if you have a very long list of targets. By clicking a column header, you sort the rows by the values of that column.

By clicking Deploy BigFix Clients, you open the Client Deploy Tool Wizard.

For more information about the Wizard, see Deploying clients from the console.

By clicking Upload Deploy Logs, you upload the Client Deploy Tool target log files to the BigFix server by running a Fixlet.

For more information about the Fixlet, see Uploading the target logs to the server.