Introducing Client Computers

Client Computers represent those computers in your network running the BigFix Client.

When the client software is installed, you have a high level of control over these machines, allowing you to maintain common operating environments, roll out the latest patches, detect spyware, view and summarize properties, create reports, and much more.

Client computers can have settings applied to handle a multiplicity of features, including the ability to define and organize corporate departments. Client computers can be automatically grouped according to these settings or other computer properties, allowing you to target specialized remediation to distinct domains. Settings are used to define Relays, bandwidth, idle time, buffers, and much more.

The Computers icon in the Domain Panel navigation tree in the main interface lets you quickly see your network, with the ability to filter and sort large numbers of computers by dozens of properties.

The Visualization Tool allows you to quickly monitor large, globally distributed networks, and follow remediation deployments and compliance, corporate-wide. Web Reports allow operators with access to a browser to view audit trails and generate listings and graphical reports with just a few mouse-clicks.