Grouping Computers

The BigFix Console allows you to group your computers to target them more efficiently.

You might want to group your development computers, for example, to make sure you do not interfere with certain legacy software projects. There are several ways to group computers, but the two most common techniques are Manual Grouping and Automatic Grouping. Manual groups are static, but automatic groups can change dynamically, depending on the current values of the inclusion properties.

When grouped, you have provided yourself with a simple way to filter and separate your networked computers. Open the Computers icon in the Domain Panel navigation tree and select the folder named By Group. Then you can select the group or groups you want to list. Alternatively, you can click the Computer Groups icon and select groups under that icon as well.

Whenever a list of computers is presented, you should find the By Group folder. For example, when you click an Action button in a Fixlet or Task, you see the Relevant Computers icon, listing just those computers that are affected by the selected Fixlet. Open the By Group folder to narrow down the list of computers to just the selected groups.

Note: A computer can belong to more than one group.