Hiding Fixlets and Tasks

You can hide a Fixlet or Task with the following procedure.

  1. From any Fixlet or Task List Panel, select the messages you want to hide.
  2. Right-click the desired item and select Globally or Locally Hide from the pop-up menu (or select Edit > Hiding > Globally/Locally Hide).

    This window displays the Fixlets and Tasks drop down list in the center of the panel where Block Automatic Delivery is highlighted. On the right hand side of the panel a drop down menu highlights the Locally Hide option.

The selected Fixlet or Task is no longer displayed in the list. If you chose to hide the item locally, it is still visible to other Console users. If you are a master operator, you can hide a Fixlet or Task globally to hide it also from all non-master users.

Fixlet or Tasks that are hidden are still available and you can restore or "unhide" them at any time. Here is how:

  1. Click the Show Hidden Content button in the Console Toolbar. All content, including hidden content, is listed if this button is selected.

    This window displays the Show Hidden Content tab highlighted in the top menu bar.
  2. A single Fixlet or Task can be unhidden by clicking it from a list. In the resultant Work Area you see an Unhide button. Click it to return the item to its normal state.

    This window displays the Show Hidden Context tab highlighted. At the bottom of the window the Unhide tab is highlighted.
  3. Multiple Fixlets or Tasks can be unhidden by selecting them, right-clicking the group, and choosing Unhide from the context menu, or select multiple items and select Edit > Hiding > Globally/Locally Unhide.

    This window displays a drop down menu on the right with the Locally Unhide option highlighted. In the center of the panel the Show Hidden Context tab is highlighted.

Generally speaking, it is not necessary to hide Fixlets or Tasks, because you can simply ignore them. One important reason to hide them is if you have your own policy that must take precedence. For example, a Fixlet message might suggest that it is a good idea to install a particular security update, but you might be aware of reasons why it must not be applied to your network. In this case, hiding the Fixlet removes it from the user interface, so you can focus on other content. A master operator can also hide Fixlets and Tasks that must not be applied by ordinary operators.