Scanning for out-of-date checks

You can make basic global scans or detailed targeted scans for out-of-date checks.

Before you begin

The custom checklist that you will synchronize must be created with the latest version of the Create Custom Checklist wizard (SCM Reporting version 36 or later).

About this task

This wizard scans all SCM custom checklists for external updates, and displays the checklists that need an update or synchronization in the table. Please note that this scan will not detect checks that have been added to or removed from an external site.

The detailed targeted scan requires the user to select a source checklist (external) and a destination checklist (custom) before performing the scan. This scan does a limited scan that performs a comparison of the source and destination checklists to determine whether or not there are any: out of date custom checks, newly added external checks, or recently removed external checks.

This scan is designed for use only in cases where the user intends to maintain an up-to-date copy of an entire external checklist. If the destination was not originally created as a copy of the source, the results of this scan may be confusing and/or misleading; however, there are no hard restrictions to this end, and the user may perform a detailed targeted scan comparison between any external and custom checklist pair.


  1. Select the appropriate tab.
    • Basic Global Scan
    • Detailed Targeted Scan
    1. Select the source from the external checklists.
    2. Select the destination of the custom checklist.
    3. Option: Click the Only show drop-down menu to select from the filter choices.
  2. Click Scan to scan for out-of-sync checks.