Security Compliance Analytics

Security and Compliance Analytics (SCA) is a web-based application designed to help you manage security, vulnerability, and risk assessment. The application archives security and vulnerability compliance check results to identify configuration issues and report levels of compliance toward security configuration goals.

BigFix Compliance consolidates a suite of capabilities, including vulnerability management, automated security configuration management, and patch management to cut costs, reduce complexity, and lower security risks. BigFix Compliance brings together management of multiple endpoint protection tools, network self quarantine, and removable device control under a single infrastructure. This means one management and reporting console, one management server, and one endpoint agent.

Security and Compliance Analytics (SCA) is a component of BigFix Compliance, which includes vulnerability detection libraries and technical controls and tools based on industry best practices and standards for endpoint and server security configuration (SCM checklists). The vulnerability detection libraries and the technical controls enable continuous, automated detection and remediation of security configuration issues.