Preserving custom remediation actions

Follow these steps to preserve manually edited remediation action scripts for checks in your custom checklists.

About this task

Normally, synchronizing a custom check overwrites the existing remediation action, if there are any, with the latest from the external source. However, if you manually edited the remediation action script for checks in your custom checklists, you can preserve this custom action after synchronizing.
Note: Preserving a custom action in this way prohibits this check from receiving updates and bug fixes to the remediation action portion of the check. This option is only suggested for cases in which the user is sure that the action of the source check is either missing or incorrect, or if your security policy calls for remediating the check in a custom manner.


  1. From the Synchronize Custom Checks wizard, click the name of the custom check. The corresponding Fixlet opens.
  2. Click Edit at the upper part of the Fixlet window. In the window that opens, click the Actions tab.
  3. Select the wanted action in the first list. In most cases, there is only one.
  4. Add / SCMSyncManager: NO_SYNC to the first line of the Action Script text box.