In an air-gapped environment where a secure network is physically isolated from insecure networks, such as the public Internet or an insecure local area network, and the computers on opposite sides of the air gap cannot communicate, to download and transfer files to the main BigFix server, you can use the Airgap utility and the BES Download Cacher utility.

Note: The Airgap utility does not support a configuration where the clients are air-gapped separately from the main BigFix server. The clients must be air-gapped together with the main BigFix server to be able to gather across the network from the main BigFix server.

Starting from BigFix Version 9.5.5, you have two different modes to work in an air-gapped environment. The "Extraction usage" mode, that was already available before Version 9.5.5, and the new "Non-extraction usage" mode.