Sample plan: Microsoft® Windows® 2008 Release 2 to Microsoft® Windows® 2012 Release 2 Cluster - OS patching

This sample automation plan provides a template for you to automate cluster patching for Microsoft® Windows® 2008-2012 operating systems. You can use this sample plan as a template to patch the nodes in a Microsoft® Windows® cluster. This plan is designed for use where you configure the Pending Restart setting in the Server Automation user interface to automatically restart the endpoints. See the Settings tab of the plan in Server Automation and set the Pending Restart option to Continue to next step. All sample plans are read-only. To use a sample plan, you must copy it, re-name it, and then update the placeholder Fixlets with Fixlets, Tasks, or Baselines as per your requirements.

About this task

There are no parameters required to run this plan.

For more detailed information about patching Microsoft® Windows® clusters, see Automating patching of operating systems in Microsoft Windows clusters.

Complete the following steps to run the sample Automation Plan.


  1. Open the Server Automation domain.
  2. From the navigation tree in the Domain Panel, click Automation Plans.
  3. In the Automation Plans dashboard, enter 130 (for the plan ID) and press Enter.
  4. Select the sample plan from the list of Automation Plans.
  5. Click Copy to copy the Automation Plan, enter a name and then save the copy that you have just created.
  6. To run the copied Automation Plan, click Take Action.
  7. For steps 1 to 4, target the first node in the cluster.
  8. For steps 5 to 8, target the second node in the cluster.
  9. Click OK to run the Automation Plan.