Sample plan: Dynamically Run All Baselines from a Site and Restart the Endpoints

This sample Automation Plan runs all of the Baselines contained in a site against a set of endpoints that you target. After that step has completed, the second step in the automation plan restarts all of the endpoints targeted in the first step. Add the Baselines that you want to execute to a custom site before running this plan. All sample plans are read-only. To use a sample plan, you must copy, re-name, and save it and then use the copy.

About this task

Before running this plan, add all of the Baselines that you want to execute to a custom site. Then when you are running the plan, you select the site containing the Baselines. For detailed information about running Baselines from sites, see Running Baselines from sites..

Complete the following steps to run the sample Automation Plan.


  1. Open the Server Automation domain.
  2. From the navigation tree in the Domain Panel, click Automation Plans.
  3. In the Automation Plans dashboard, enter 149 and press Enter. This is the ID of the sample Automation Plan.
  4. Select the Automation Plan from the list of Automation Plans.
  5. Click Copy to copy the Automation Plan, enter a name and then save the copy that you have just created.
  6. To run the copied Automation Plan, click Take Action.
  7. For step 1, select the targets against which you want to run the Baselines from a site. From the Parameters tab, select the site that contains the Baselines that you want to execute.
  8. For step 2, select the same targets as step 1. You can do this quickly by selecting the Use same targets as option.
  9. Click OK to run the Automation Plan.