Frequently asked questions

  1. The target software is installed on a target, but why is there is no menu option to start a remote control session when you right-click the computer in the BigFix® console?
    To start a remote control session by using this method, make sure that the following conditions are met.
    • The controller component is also installed on the system that the BigFix® console is installed on.
    • For the menu item to be visible, the Remote Control Installation and Security Options analysis must be active for the selected computer and reporting that the Remote Control target is active.
    • When the controller is deployed, only the current user who is logged on to the computer that you are deploying to has the rights to see the menu item; it is not visible to other users. The following registry key can also be created:

      Key name: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Console\Settings\ComputerListContextMenuExtensions\TivoliRC

      With the following values:

      ComputerApplicabilityRelevance (REG_SZ) = value of results (current computer, property 1 of fixlet 4 of bes site whose (name of it starts with "BigFix Remote Control")) = "True"
      MaxComputerSetSize (REG_DWORD) = 1
      MenuDisplayName (REG_SZ) = &BigFix Remote Control
      ShellCommandRelevance (REG_SZ) = "%22C:\Program Files\BigFix\Remote Control\Controller\jre\bin\javaw.exe%22 -jar %22C:\Program Files\BigFix\Remote Control\Controller TRCConsole.jar%22 --host " & ip address of current computer as string

  2. I have deployed the target software in peer-to-peer mode. I now want the target to register with my Remote Control server. How can I get it to connect to the server?

    Use the Remote Control Target wizard to create a configuration task and specify the server URL of the required server. Run the task on the selected target to reconfigure it so that it can contact the server. For more information about creating the tasks, see Creating Remote Control target configuration tasks.

  3. Where can I find more information about using Remote Control?

    Information about installing, using, and administering Remote Control can be found in the Remote Control documentation in HCL Knowledge Center.

  4. Extra Remote Control function is available when you have the Remote Control server component installed; where can I obtain the server component from?

    You can create a server installation task by using the Remote Control Server Installer Wizard to create an Remote Control server configuration. For more information about creating a server task, see Creating Remote Control server installation tasks.

    You can also install a server that points to an already installed WebSphere Application Server instance that uses an already installed DB2®, MS SQL, or Oracle database. For more information about installing the server, see the BigFix® Remote Control Installation Guide and the section that displays, Installing the server.

  5. How can I determine which type of server installation would be suit my environment?

    For guidelines to consider when you plan your installation, see the BigFix® Remote Control Installation Guide.

  6. How do I troubleshoot Broker and Gateway upgrade fixlets fail with MSI error code 1638?

    For more details and instructions, see Broker and Gateway upgrade fixlets fail.