Creating contract custom fields

You can customize your contracts by creating custom fields that store your preferred information about the software licenses in your environment. Select an appropriate name for each custom field to reflect its purpose. After you create a custom field, it is available in the Create Contract pane, among other fields that are required to create a contract.

Before you begin

An icon representing a user. You must have the Manage Contracts permission to perform this task.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Management > Contract Custom Fields.
  2. To create a custom field for a contract, in the upper left corner of the Contract Custom Fields window, click New.
  3. In the Create Contract Custom Field pane, enter the name of the field, specify whether the field is required for a contract, and choose the type of the requested input.

    Image showing how to create contract custom fields.
  4. To save the custom field, click Create.
  5. To make the custom field available for the reports, click Reports > Import Now.


You created a custom field for a contract. You can now create a contract or edit the existing ones to add the values for the new fields.