10.0.6 Migrating contracts

BigFix Inventory allows you to migrate all deprecated contracts to new contracts.

Deprecated contracts are now hidden by default. This feature works once the "deprecated_contracts_mgmt_enabled" parameter is enabled in Advanced Server settings. At the end of migration, a detailed report of the migration is displayed.

Perform migration

To migrate deprecated contracts, perform these steps:
  1. Go to Management > Contracts (Deprecated). Contracts (Deprecated) panel is visible when deprecated_contracts_mgmt_enabled parameter is enabled. See also, Parameter to enable deprecated contracts.
  2. Select the contract and click Migrate.
  3. In the Confirm Migration dialog box, click Migrate.

    Result: Migration complete.

Migration features

  • For each deprecated contract a new contract of license type is created.
  • If Maintenance Start date is set in a deprecated contract, a new contract of support type is created during migration.
  • Contract ID is generated and suffixed with “_MIGRATED”
  • New contract names include the names of software assigned to the deprecated contract.
  • Each new contract includes one purchase order with the same value as the deprecated contract and the same start and end dates - entitlement dates for license contract, maintenance dates for support contract. Purchase number is set to “MIGRATED”
  • Install Seats metric is assigned to the new contracts if all products assigned to the contract are assigned to the Install Seats metric. Otherwise, metric is not set.
  • If a software title version or release is assigned to a deprecated contract, a software title product related to the version or release will be assigned to a new contract.
  • Migrated report contains details, such as migrated contracts, not-migrated contracts, custom fields which could not be migrated (but other elements of the contract were migrated)
  • Migration report is saved in logs.
  • Migration does not modify deprecated contracts.


  • Migration can be run only by a user with Administrator role.
  • Software components cannot be migrated as they cannot be assigned to new contracts (new contracts support Software products only).
  • A deprecated contract cannot be migrated:
    • if a new contract with the same name and type already exists
    • if it is assigned to a deleted computer group
  • A custom field value cannot be migrated if the value mismatch their type. Such situation can happen when a user changes type of already used custom field. Since version 10.0.6, ability to change custom field type is no longer available.
  • Even if some contracts could not be migrated, other contracts are migrated