Uninstalling the server on Linux in interactive mode

To uninstall the BigFix Inventory server on Linux, run the uninstall.sh script file. Then, follow instructions in the installation wizard. The wizard does not uninstall DB2 nor the BigFix server. These components need to be removed separately.


  1. Log in to the computer where the BigFix Inventory server is installed as root.
  2. Go to the /opt/BFI/Uninstall directory, and run the uninstall.sh script.
  3. Follow instructions in the uninstallation wizard. When the uninstallation finishes, click Done.


The BigFix Inventory server is uninstalled but the database, user logins, and passwords are preserved. To remove them, log in as the DB2 instance owner on the computer where the database is installed, and run the following command.
db2 deactivate db database_name
db2 drop db database_name
Where database_name is the name of the BigFix Inventory database, by default TEMADB. You can also remove the BigFix server.