REST API for updating the Oracle core factor

Available from 9.2.8. You use the PUT operation on the api/v1/servers element to change the processor core factor that is applied to a group of servers for the purpose of calculating utilization of the Oracle Processor Core metric.


User You must have the Manage Hardware Inventory permissions to use this API.

Resource URL

For more information about using the REST API, see: Changing the Oracle core factor through REST API.

Resource information

Table 1. Resource information
Operation details Description
HTTP method PUT
Request headers
Accept-Language (optional)
en-US (only English is supported)

Negotiates the language of the response. If the header is not specified, the content is returned in the server language.

Request format application/json
Request payload Oracle Core Factors element
Response headers

Specifies the content type of the response.

en-US, …

Specifies the language of the response content. If the header is not specified, the content is returned in the server language.

Response format application/json
Response codes

200 – OK

400 – "Bad Request" if a query parameter contains errors or is missing

401 – "Unauthorized" if the user is not authorized to perform the operation

422 – "Unprocessable Entity" if the request is well-formed but cannot be processed due to semantic errors

Available columns

Table 2. Available columns
Column Description Required Type
server_id ID of the server for which you want to change the core factor. Numeric
oracle_core_factor Oracle core factor that you want to assign to server. Float

Example conversation

Request header
Content-Type: application/json 
Content-Language: en-US
Response body
POST api/v1/servers?token=465c33848de3db7ch5699023ea22deb5b1a476d1
     "server_id": 1,
     "oracle_core_factor": 1.0
     "server_id": 2,
     "oracle_core_factor": 1.5