Software Products and Software Components

BigFix Inventory detects software components which are bundled with the product.

The list shows the available software component. You can add a software component to Inventory as required. Below given is an example to BigFix Platform Agent which is installed at /opt/BESClient/bin/.

Use the Software Component listing to see the number of active and inactive components. Each row shows details, such as usage, product and metric that it is added to, the installation path about the selected component. You can select multiple components.
You can access information about computer properties through Computer Properties (Management > Computers). You can access the computer properties through the user interface or the API.
Note: The API shows the computer properties by its number and ID and not by its name.
Table 1. API
computer_property_number Custom computer property that was added on the Computer Properties panel. To view the list of all custom properties, view the computer_details schema. The name of the property as displayed on the user interface is shown in the title parameter.

You can use this feature to access user information, such as username from the system. It provides the basic user information which is already available at the Platform level. The user information may vary for each application.