computer_health association

Available from 9.2.8. Use the computer_health association to retrieve information about health of the computer, such as the status of software scans, or version of the installed BigFix client, as part of REST API requests.



Applicable REST APIs

You can use the computer_health association with the following REST APIs:


For example:
GET api/sam/v2/software_instances?columns[]=computer_health.catalog_version

9.2.10 Schema description

To retrieve the list of all columns that are returned by this association together with their descriptions, use the following request.
GET api/sam/schemas/associations/computer_health.json?token=<token>

Available columns

Table 1. Columns with information about computer health
Column Description Type
agent_version Version of the BigFix client that is deployed on the computer. Numeric
catalog_version Version of the BigFix-provided software catalog that is available on the computer. Numeric
catalog_custom_content_version Version of the custom software catalog that is available on the computer. Numeric
is_catalog_scan_successful Indicates whether the catalog scan was successful. Boolean
is_filesys_scan_successful Indicates whether the file system scan was successful. Boolean
is_idtag_scan_successful Indicates whether the last software tags scan was successful. Boolean
is_low_on_disk_space Indicates whether the computer has less than 100 MB of free disk space. Boolean
is_missing_prereqs Indicates whether any scanner prerequisites are missing on the computer. Boolean
is_out_of_date Indicates whether the latest version of the BigFix client is installed on the computer. For some operating systems, no newer version of the client is available. Boolean
is_out_of_sync Indicates whether the time that is set on the computer is at least an hour from the time that is set on the BigFix Inventory server. Boolean
is_package_scan_successful Indicates whether the latest package scan was successful. Boolean
last_scan_attempt Date and time when the last scan was initiated. String