REST API for retrieving raw scan results

9.2.8 Available from 9.2.2. Retrieving raw scan results through REST API is intended to improve the monitoring of your environment by allowing you to quickly discover software that was installed or modified recently. By using shortened data imports, data about your software reaches the server much quicker, and at the same time allows you to increase the number of imports that you can run each day.

A data import consists of several steps, out of which the most important ones are the retrieval of raw scan results, aggregation of this data, and finally calculation of your license consumption. In big environments, a complete data import can take up to several hours, which increases the time that is required for BigFix Inventory to show information about recent changes.

When using REST API to retrieve raw scan results, you can run a Raw Data Only type of data import that retrieves raw scan results, but omits later steps, such as aggregation and license calculations. This data import is much shorter, but the imported raw data can only be retrieved through REST API. Since the data is not aggregated, it is not displayed in the BigFix Inventory UI. The UI still shows the state of your environment from the last successful complete data import.