usage_data association

Available from 9.2.8. Use the usage_data association to retrieve information about application usage as part of other REST API requests.



Applicable REST APIs

You can use the usage_data association with the api/sam/v2/software_instances REST API.


For example:
GET api/sam/v2/software_instances?columns[]=usage_data.has_usage

9.2.10 Schema description

To retrieve the list of all columns that are returned by this association together with their descriptions, use the following request.
GET api/sam/schemas/associations/usage_data.json?token=<token>

Available columns

Table 1. Columns with information about usage
Column Description Type
avg_run_time Average amount of time during which a process or software was used. It is calculated by dividing the total run time by the number of total runs. String
avg_runs_per_day Average number of times a process or software item is started per day. Numeric
first_used Date and time when the information about the process was first collected by the BigFix client. String
has_usage Indicates whether a usage signature exists for the particular software. Boolean
last_used Date and time when the software item was last used or a process was last run. String
process Name of the process on which the calculation of software usage is based. String
total_runs Number of times a software item or process was started. Numeric
total_time Indicates how long the software item or process was running. String