Troubleshooting: Enabling the VM Managers panel

If the VM Managers panel is disabled and you cannot add VM managers, complete additional steps to enable the panel. This issue often occurs if your BigFix server does not have Web Reports configured, or if the automatic installation of the VM Manager Tool failed. It can also occur when the BigFix user that is used to connect to the BigFix console does not have sufficient rights.

The issue can be recognized by a disabled panel and a message similar to the following example:
Before you can configure VM managers, you must install and run the BigFix services,
including Web Reports. For more information, see the product documentation.

Required permissions

Before you perform the following steps, ensure that the BigFix user that is used to connect to the BigFix console is a Master Operator. If you do not want to use the Master Operator, you can create a dedicated user that fulfills the following requirements:
  • Is assigned the BigFix Inventory v10 site
  • Is assigned computers that you are going to monitor, and the computer where the BigFix server is installed
  • Has the following permissions: Can use REST API, Can use Console, Custom Content, Can Create Actions
The option is supported starting from BigFix 9.5.