Advanced VM management (distributed)

Use advanced VM management if the BigFix server cannot connect to some of the VM managers because they are in separated networks. This approach requires that you install an additional VM Manager Tool, and configure VM managers through the command line.

You can use advanced VM management as an extension of the basic configuration. VM managers to which the BigFix server can connect can still be managed in the BigFix Inventory user interface. Additional VM Manager Tool would manage only VM managers for which such a connection cannot be established. You can connect to such VM managers by creating configuration files and managing the connections in the VM Manager tool command line.

Although VM managers are managed through the command line, their capacity data is uploaded to BigFix Inventory and updated on reports in the same way as for the basic configuration. In contradiction to the main VM Manager tool, additional instances can be installed on any computer that can connect to separated VM managers, and you can deploy as many of them as you need. VM managers configured in the command line are visible on the VM Managers panel in the BigFix Inventory user interface. However, their configuration cannot be changed through that panel. It can be change only through the VM manager configuration files.

The advanced VM management also gives you the following benefits:
  • Balancing the network traffic by distributing it between multiple VM Manager Tools
  • Collecting capacity data only for selected virtual machines (UUID-based filtering)