Supported virtualization types

BigFix Inventory requires that connections to VM managers are defined for the following virtualization types: Kernel-based Virtual Machine, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, and Xen.

Table 1. Supported virtualization types and versions
Virtualization Type Comments Versions
Kernel-based Virtual Machine Managed by RHV-M
  • BigFix Inventorysupports instances that use HTTP Basic Authentication and version 3 REST API.
  • You must use VM Manager tool in version or higher.
  • Starting from VM Manager tool update 9.2.17, BigFix Inventory supports instances that use version 4 API and Oauth2 Authentication.
For information about supported versions, go to Detailed System requirements and click Supported Hypervisors.
Not managed by RHV-M
Nutanix AVH Managed by Nutanix Prism
  • 9.2.17 Support for Linux guests on AHV 5.11+ on IBM Power CS appliances, managed by Nutanix PRISM. BigFix Inventory supports PRISM API version 2. AIX guest is not currently supported.
  • 10.0.0 Support for Linux and Windows guests on AHV 5.11+ on x86 appliances, managed by Nutanix PRISM
Microsoft Hyper-V
  • If you are going to use WinRM communication interface, configure WinRM on all hosts. For more information, see: Configuring WinRM.
Azure VMware Solution
  • Azure VMware is supported as an on-premise VMware infrastructure installation. To collect data, you must configure connection to the VMware SDK API that is specific to your instance of the Azure VMware on the VM Managers panel.
10.0.9VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware Cloud on AWS is supported the same way as an on-prem VMware infrastructure installation.
  • To collect data, configure connection to the vCenter Server that is specific to your instance of the VMware Cloud on AWS (not to the AWS portal) on the VM Managers panel.
  • If the VM Manager Tool is installed on a virtual machine on VMware Cloud on the AWS infrastructure, ensure that you complete the following steps.
    • Enable communication between the VM where the VM Manager Tool is installed and the vCenter Server by using the TCP port 443. To allow for this communication, configure the Management Gateway firewall. In the default configuration, such communication is denied.
    • If the vCenter Server URL points to an external IP, modify the hosts file on the VM where the VM Manager Tool is installed and add an entry that points to the private address of the vCenter Server.
VMware vSphere ESXi
  • You must have at least read-only rights to all VMs. For more information, see: Verifying permissions.
  • BigFix Inventory supports configuration with one single sign-on domain, one single sign-on site, and vCenter Server with Platform Services Controller on the same machine (Embedded Deployment Model).
  • BigFix Inventory supports vCenter Server installation on a Windows computer and as a vCenter Server Appliance.
  • 9.2.15 BigFix Inventory supports the configuration with external Platform Services Controller (PSC) with one PSC on a different machine. In case of a complex environment with multiple PSCs, contact IBM Support.
9.2.12Citrix Hypervisor (formerly XenServer)
  • XenServer Tools must be installed on all VMs.