Using the Synchronize Custom Checks wizard

Use the SCM Synchronize Custom Checks wizard to update any custom checks in your deployment whose external sources have since been updated by HCL. You can use any additional functionality or bug fixes that may have been provided by HCL (in the form of external site updates) since the custom copies were made.

To synchronize a custom checklist, you must have the latest version of the Create Custom Checklist wizard (SCM Reporting version 36 or later). The latest version of the wizard adds required metadata to the copied checks that allows the sync wizard to determine whether the current external source has been modified since the copy was made.

  • First time SCM user

    If your Endpoint Manager deployment does not have any custom checklists that were created prior to the release of the sync wizard, any custom checklists you create from now on will be compatible with the Synchronize Custom Checks wizard.

  • Existing SCM user and you used the previous version of the Create Custom Checklist wizard

    If you already have one or more custom checklists created with an older version of the Create Custom Checklist wizard, you will have to first recreate these and any other custom checklists that you wish to have synchronizing abilities using the latest version of the Create Custom Checklist wizard.

Note: SCM user should have Can Submit Queries permission and Can use REST API privilege set to Yes to trigger the sync wizard operation.