Configuring UNIX checklists

You can configure checklists for the superseded and non-superseded UNIX content.

Differences between superseded and non-superseded UNIX content

The Configuration Management UNIX content has superseded and non-superseded versions for every site. In the License Overview dashboard, superseded content have 'Superseded' appended to the site name. For example, the site name for the earlier content for the DISA STIG for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is 'SCM Checklist for DISA STIG on RHEL 6 (superseded)'.

The superseded or earlier content uses client settings for parameter values so you could set different values on different endpoints. The non-superseded or later content has the parameter values scoped to the site's subscription so all endpoints subscribed to that site must use the same parameter values.

Table 1. Comparison between superseded and non-superseded UNIX content

Superseded or earlier content Non-superseded or newer content
Setting parameters Sets different values on different endpoints Stores parameters on a per-Fixlet basis
Requires applicability Fixlets which are in the SCM Reporting site. All endpoints must subscribe to the SCM Reporting site. Requires an applicability Fixlet in the custom site to work with SCA.
Content Downloads the related scripts Each Fixlet contains the related shell script
Placed in different directories
Synchronization Synchronized in the same way as other sites such as Patch Management sites or the BES Support site Runs from a custom site and uses the Synchronization wizard