Viewing checks from BigFix Compliance Analytics

The compliance status of each PCI DSS check and checklist is calculated by BigFix Compliance Analytics during a periodic Extract Transform and Load (ETL) process.

BigFix Compliance Analytics provides report views and tools for managing the vulnerability of PCI DSS checks.

The PCI DSS checks that are activated in the HCL BigFix console are evaluated on each computer in your deployment and returns a status of pass, fail, or not applicable to BigFix Compliance Analytics.

Each computer also reports computer properties and analysis values, such as check measured values that are active in your deployment. Check results are aggregated by the BigFix Compliance Analytics server and augmented by computer properties and analysis values to provide compliance overviews and detailed lists of results.

For more information about how the checks are presented in different compliance reports, see Understanding the results in BigFix Compliance Analytics.