HCL BigFix Compliance PCI Add-on is a new chargeable component that provides security configuration checklists that are based on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). These compliance checks are designed to help ensure continuous compliance at every endpoint in your organization.

This PCI component uses the Security Configuration Management (SCM), which is a module under BigFix Compliance. SCM provides a comprehensive library of technical controls to detect and enforce security configurations for endpoints and servers in your organization. By using BigFix Compliance, you have instant visibility into the configurations of systems within a globally distributed infrastructure.

SCM includes a web interface, BigFix Compliance Analytics (formerly known as Security and Compliance Analytics, or SCA), which summarizes and analyzes large data streams and shows the health of your IT assets. BigFix Compliance Analytics provides report views and tools for managing the vulnerability that is found by the BigFix Compliance checks. These compliance reporting tools and views help you to identify configuration issues, which consequently enforce constant policy compliance.

These technical controls and reporting tools are based on industry best practices and standards for endpoints and server security configuration.