Key users

Learn how users use the PCI DSS checklists for their role.

IT Managers, who commonly take the role of a BigFix Console Operator, focus on the detailed day-to-day configuration management of all systems to use detailed information for each endpoint. They are expected to run remediation actions on endpoints. They use the PCI DSS checklists to enforce security policies and document the current state of compliance against corporate policies. They also use the PCI DSS Milestones Reporting view to help them decide on the work prioritization for IT operators.

Compliance Managers use the PCI DSS reporting when preparing for audit reports. The reports can be generated based on a PCI DSS template that covers requirements or milestones, and can help in assessing the actions needed to resolve a non-compliance check.

Note: If concerns regarding separation of duties arise, use BigFix version 9.2 or later where access control for actions is allowed.