Viewing reports on BigFix Compliance Analytics V1.9 and later

Note: The PCI DSS Policy Reports are available only when you complete the steps described in Setting up the PCI DSS Policy Reports for BigFix Compliance Analytics V1.9 and later.

The concept of checklists in BigFix Compliance Analytics version 1.9 differs from previous versions. Previously, a checklist is equivalent to a BigFix site. However, with policy reporting being introduced in this version, a checklist can now be associated with a policy view.

A policy view is based on an approach to gain compliance for PCI DSS, such as PCI DSS requirement or PCI DSS milestone. For more information about policy views, see PCI DSS policies.

For simplicity, these checklists that are associated to policies will be referenced as Policy Checklists in this document.

Policy Checklists contain a collection of checks that run across multiple PCI DSS sites. These checklists provide a new way of reporting, which can help you better assess and identify the level of compliance in your organization.