Select Detection Pattern dialog box

Use this dialog to compare in-session and out-of-session responses to login requests, to help you decide on the detection pattern that is best for your application. Opened by clicking

About this task

This dialog box opens when you click Scan Configuration > Login Management > Review & Validate > Advanced pattern selection.
In this dialog you can see:
  • Current session detection pattern, and its status
  • Four panes showing the current request and response when in-session and out-of-session
  • Difference between the requests are highlighted in green
  • In the In-Session Response the selected pattern is highlighted in green
  • Save pattern button lets you select a different pattern and set it
  • Page toggle at the top right of the dialog lets you toggle between requests
Figure 1. Select Detection Pattern dialog box

Select Detection Pattern dialog box


  1. Review the selected pattern where it occurs within the In-Session (or Out-of-Session) response.
  2. View and compare the two responses to find other valid patterns.
  3. View and compare the In-Session and Out-of-Session requests (above the response fields) that generated these responses.
  4. Toggle through the requests and responses for all requests in the recorded login, using the arrows in the upper right corner of the dialog box.
  5. Select and save a new pattern of your choice.