Edit Action-Based Login dialog box

Dialog that opens from Scan Configuration > Login > Review & Validate > (Action-Based) Edit, can be used to troubleshoot the login procedure if validation fails.

Even if Request-Based login succeeds, it is good to troubleshoot the Action-Based Login if possible. In this dialog box you can:
  • Click Replay, to replay the login in the selected browser.
  • Change the selected browser and Replay in a different browser.
  • Click Select > Wait Actions, and increase the wait time between requests.
  • Review the "Type" of specific requests in the procedure and change them if needed.
  • Click Edit playback actions to view and edit in XML format.
  • Increase the timeout for a single login attempt.
Figure 1. Edit Action-Based Playback dialog box

Edit Action-Based Playback dialog box
Table 1. "Edit Action-Based Playback" settings



Browser field

Shows the currently selected browser for login playback. You can change this from the drop-down list.

Replay button

Replays the recorded login procedure in the selected browser.

List of requests, and wait times between requests.

Shows the following for each action:
  • Validated: Green check mark for actions successfully performed; red X for unsuccessful actions
  • Type: Description of the action (such as "wait", "click" or "set" (value)
  • Value: For wait actions: time in seconds; for user actions: name of the action
  • Element: HTML element on which the action is performed
For any selected action the icons above the table let you:
  • the edit playback actions button View and edit playback actions as XML
  • the edit button: Edit action value
  • the minus button: Delete action
  • the plus button: Add a wait time between actions
  • the edit wait actions button: Add a "wait" action before or after the selected action

Timeout for single login attempt (minutes)

If your login procedure needs more time you can increase this setting.