Scan Configuration Dialog Box

About this task

The Scan Configuration dialog box provides many options for configuring your scans. The main options are also available via the Scan Configuration Wizard, but using the dialog box is recommended when you want to change many of the default settings, or tweak an existing configuration.


To open the Scan Configuration dialog box, click the Configuration icon Configuration icon on the toolbar (or press F10).

The Scan Configuration dialog box has different views, divided into four groups, that are accessed by clicking the relevant item in the view selection pane, on the left-hand side.

Note: If you stop a scan and change the configuration, changes will not affect requests already sent. To apply changes to the entire scan you must start a new scan.
Tip: You can change configuration options in more than one of the views, and then click OK to save all changes. (Your changes are kept as you navigate between the views, but only saved when you click OK.)