Edit Request-Based Login dialog box

Dialog that opens from Scan Configuration > Login > Review & Validate > (Request-Based) Edit, can be used to troubleshoot the login procedure if validation fails.

This is a simplified version of the Advanced In-Session Request Selection dialog.
Figure 1. Edit Request-Based Playback dialog box

Edit Request-Based Playback dialog box
Table 1. "Recorded Login Requests" settings



Main list

Shows all requests the recorded login procedure.


Show only requests that contain the text string you enter, in URL, Request, Response or All.

Filter Domains

Show only requests from domains selected in the drop-down list.

Click for AppScan to perform the following actions:

Set as In-Session Request button

Sets the selected request as the In-Session Request, that will be used by AppScan during the scan to verify that it is still logged in.

You can also do this by right-clicking on a request in the list.

the Show in browser button

Show the response received to the selected request when the login was recorded. The window that opens has two tabs: The Browser tab shows the response received, and the Request/Response tab shows the raw data for both the request and the response.

the minus button

Delete the selected request from the login sequence.