Managing a server

Product Administrators are responsible for managing each server to its optimal performance.

About this task

User role: Product Administrator


  1. Go to the Agent Servers page of the Administration view.
  2. Check the number and status of items (jobs, report packs, or dashboards) associated with each server: Use the Current® Items section to see the status of items and click the Refresh icon to refresh the item's status. You might have locked the server and you want to see if anything is running on it. You might need to discover which server a particular job is running on. There might be too many items running (jobs, report packs, or dashboards) and you believe more agent servers are needed to distribute the load.
  3. Specify the maximum number of agents that can run concurrently on a server. Change the maximum number when you want to optimize the load on your server.
  4. Lock or enable a server. Lock a server to prevent any more items from running on it, such as before disconnecting the server from the network, rebooting the server, or installing software on it.
    1. Identify the server to be taken out of service.
    2. Click the Name of the server.
    3. On the Server Properties page, click Lock or Enable.
    4. Click Save.
    Note: The number of jobs running can exceed the maximum number of agents assigned to the server because the number of jobs running includes jobs that are now in postprocessing. These jobs are no longer using an agent on the server.