Monitoring AppScan Enterprise usage

Create an Activity Log report to determine who is using AppScan Enterprise and what they are doing with it. The report lists the users that made changes and when the changes were made. Because the log is always recording activity, all you must do is create the report. Only Administrators can create the Activity Log report; however, any user can be given access to it as part of a report pack's properties. If you do not want other users to see the Activity Log report, change `All Other Users' to No Access on the Users and Groups page for the report pack.


  1. Go to the Folder Content Summary and open an existing report pack or create a new one.
  2. Select Source Jobs and select a job. It does not matter which job you select, but you must select a job before you can create the report pack.
  3. Select Reports > Add Admin Reports.
  4. Select the Activity Log report and click Add.
  5. Click Save to save and close the report pack.
  6. Run the report pack to update its data.

What to do next

Make sure you restrict access to the report pack or to its folder so other users cannot see the Activity Log.