Managing the scan queue

See the status of scan jobs currently running or waiting to run so that you can prioritize the order in which your key scan jobs run. For example, you might have scan jobs that are part of a time-sensitive deliverable, like a holiday shopping special. You can move them to the top of the queue to make sure that they are prioritized first in the schedule.

About this task

User role: Product Administrator.


  1. In the main Folder Explorer, click Scan Queue Management. The list of jobs that opens automatically sorts according to the scans in progress first, and then by those jobs that are waiting in the queue to run. The jobs that are in progress are sorted by run time.
    Note: The scan queue view is empty unless scan jobs are running or waiting to run.
  2. To change the running order of the jobs that are waiting to run, select the job and pick an option from the menu:
    • Move job to top of queue
    • Move job to bottom of queue
    • Move job to position: <position number>
  3. There might be times where you must remove the job from the queue, suspend the job, or stop it before it finishes running. You can remove the job from the queue only if it is waiting to run. For jobs that are running, select the job and choose one of the following options from the menu:
    Method Description Can be resumed
    Suspend Suspends the job because it is in a continuous loop, has developed an error, or because you want to free the agent to run another job. A suspended job is stopped, the data collected is stored, and the associated agent becomes available to handle another job. You can End, Cancel or Run (resume from where it left off) a suspended job. However, the data gathered will not display in your reports. If you later resume the job successfully, then the stored data can be used in your reports. Yes
    Save current results and stop Saves the current results and stops the job. The run will finish normally and save the data collected so far in the database, but the reports will be incomplete. No
    Discard results and stop Discards any data collected during the run and stops the job. No
  4. Click Return to Folder View when you are done to get back to the main folder explorer.