Configuring and downloading log files for Enterprise Console and AppScan Server

Administrators can configure the settings for log files for the Enterprise Console and AppScan Server and download them when they need to troubleshoot issues. This function eliminates the need to search the file system of the computer where the Enterprise Console or AppScan Server is installed.


  1. On the Administration view, go to General Settings > Log Settings > Edit.
  2. Select the Enable logging check box (off by default).
  3. Select a log level and a log size for both types of log files, and click Save.
    Note: These settings affect the Enterprise Console and AppScan Server log files independently (the log file size is the maximum for each type of log file).
  4. If you download the log files without modifying the log level and size settings, you download existing logs for Enterprise Console and AppScan Server that are already collected. The downloaded compressed file contains the Enterprise Console logs and a compressed file that contains the AppScan Server logs.
    1. If you modify the log level or size settings, the settings affect future log files that you download.
    2. Existing log files are not deleted; new information is appended to them.