Activity Log

Activity Log helps determine who is using AppScan Enterprise and what they are doing with it. It lists the users that made changes and when the changes were made. This is useful for security auditing to detect possible unauthorized or unusual activities performed by users. Only Administrators can view the Activity log. By default, the activity log data is retained for one year.

About this task

Note: User role: Product Administrator


  1. Go to the Administration view of the Enterprise Console.
  2. To view the Activity Log link in the side navigation bar, add advancedAdmin=1 to the end of AppScan Enterprise URL.
    For example, https://<Hostname>/ASE/Admin/UserTypesAdmin.aspx?advancedAdmin=1.
  3. Click the Activity Log link.
    The list of various operations performed in AppScan Enterprise for the last twelve months is displayed.
  4. To focus on specific information, you can use the multilevel filters available at the grid level and the column level.
    1. To view the data for all modifications done in the last week, select the From and To dates on the grid level filter, and click Search
    2. To view the details of the last login, select Last Login from the Choose Query drop-down menu on the grid level filter.
    3. To refine the search for a particular category such as User ID, User Name, Action, or Object Type, use the column filters . For example, to view the data for report creation, from the Action drop-down menu, select Create, and from the Object Type, select Report.
      Note: Wildcard search is not allowed on column filters.
  5. By default, only 1000 records are displayed in a page.To navigate to other pages, use the Go to page option.
  6. To export all or selected records from the filter results to a CSV file for audit purpose, use the Export to CSV option.
    • To export all records from the filter results, select the Select All checkbox from the header and click the Export to CSV button. All records will be exported to the CSV file. For example, if there were 1500 records, though 1000 records are only displayed in a page, all 1500 records will be exported to the CSV file.
    • To export specific records from the filter results, select the checkbox at the row level adjacent to the User ID column for the rows to be exported and then click the Export to CSV button. Only selected records will be exported to the CSV file.