Roles and Workflows

Learn about different AppScan 360° tasks and workflows for different AppScan 360° users.

AppScan 360° Roles

Not all AppScan 360° functions and tasks are performed by the same person – though they could be. Ensure the persons performing AppScan 360° tasks have the appropriate permissions on relevant systems and according to company policy for their roles.

Administrative tasks

Administrative tasks are higher-level tasks that enable users to run and report on scans seamlessly within organizational policy and guidelines. Administrator tasks include, but may not be limited to:

  • Installation of AppScan Central Platform
  • Installation of AppScan 360° Static Analysis clusters
  • Troubleshooting installation
  • Defining and administering users
  • Defining and administering asset groups
  • Defining and administering policies
  • Setting up DevOps integrations
  • Overseeing audits
  • Regularly reviewing AppScan 360° operation and settings

User tasks

User tasks are core scanning and remediation tasks. With administrative tasks complete, users can focus on making sure code is clean and secure. User tasks include, but may not be limited to:

  • Creating applications
  • Setting up scans
  • Configuring scan automation
  • Running scans
  • Working with logs
  • Triaging scan results
  • Understanding issues
  • Running reports
  • Remediating code
  • Rescanning

Common workflows

How you work within your organization depends on a variety of factors. However there are some common workflows.

IT administrator workflow

AppScan administrator workflow

AppScan user workflow