HCL AppScan 360° is unified application security, visibility, and risk management. Versatile, scalable, and deployable anywhere.

Securing intellectual property, strategic plans, and customer data is critical for your organizations' success and competitiveness. Staying compliant with regulatory requirements - and not slowing down your development lifecycle - are equally important to meet the demands of the global marketplace. This requires a centralized view of risk, comprehensive testing that is easily integrated into your pipeline, and the ability to choose deployment options best suited to your specific needs.

HCL AppScan 360° offers the capabilities you need in a single, modern application security platform, built on cloud-native architecture. With AppScan 360° you get comprehensive visibility and oversight of your security posture and machine learning-enabled application security scanning that is fast, accurate, and agile.

AppScan 360° components

AppScan 360° is made up of these powerful components:
  • AppScan Central Platform
    AppScan Central Platform (ASCP) is the foundation of AppScan 360, providing the user experience and a flexible core technology for security integration. ASCP delivers the user interface and experience, APIs, and primary server components.
    Important: ASCP installation requires SQL Server DB and Active Directory (via LDAP). See System requirements for ASCP for additional information.
  • AppScan 360° Static Analysis
    AppScan 360° Static Analysis builds upon the ASCP foundation to enable a micro-services based, Kubernetes-managed environment for fast, accurate static analysis in an on-premise environment. Users scan, triage, and remediate code on-demand, including integrating with DevOps plug-ins.
    Important: AppScan 360° Static Analysis requires specific tools for installation. See System requirements for AppScan 360° Static Analysis for additional information.

To use AppScan 360° you must install both components.

AppScan 360° architecture