What's new in HCL AppScan 360°

Explore new features that have been added to HCL AppScan 360°, and note any features and capabilities that have been deprecated in this release.

New in HCL AppScan 360° version 1.1.0

AppScan Central Platform updates:
  • Single scan view now includes the option to display Active Issues, in addition to Total Issues, and New Issues. Active issues are issues whose status is "New", "Open", "In progress", or "Reopened". In addition, improvements were made to the "Issues by severity" graph.
AppScan 360° Static Analysis installation and administration updates:
  • Enhanced deployment script:
    • Deploy in any Kubernetes environment.
    • Accepts the AppScan Central Platform server’s hostname (FQDN) part of ‘--server’ option.
    • Storage class name (--storage-class) must be provided during the deployment.
    • The default AppScan 360° Static Analysis ingress hostname for the option ‘--ingress-host’ is changed from ‘sast.appscan.com’ to ‘sast.example.com’.
  • Introduced probes to monitor the health of AppScan 360° Static Analysis components.
  • Enhanced Management API to produce additional details of each microservice, version info, and its availability with readiness probes.
  • Updated out-of-the-box configuration based on typical resource usage.
  • Updated base images.
  • Various fixes to improve API integration with AppScan Central Platform, serviceability, and performance.
AppScan 360° Static Analysis scanning updates:
Resolved issues in HCL AppScan 360° version 1.1.0
  • PRB0123164 - Fix groups tab displays file name instead of library name for open source component.
  • PRB0123969 - SAST scan shows empty line number when "Line" column is added in Dashboard.
  • PRB0123727 - Several CSV issues reported by customers.